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Last Update: 12/15/2019

Small Client Instructions:
1. This Client is only for those who already have a fully updated kRO AND RagRE or else you will get sprite errors. *IMPORTANT TO HAVE FIRST*
2. Download the Small Client.
3. Install the Small Client in your Ragnarok Online Folder. (The same folder where you have kRO/RagRE)
4. Fully update the Ragnarok.exe and Ragnarok_RE.exe, by opening them until they finish updating then close them.
5. Run Game Patcher, and you're done!.
Last Update: 12/15/2019
1. Download the Files, and extract it using WinRar , 7-Zip software in a New Folder.
2. Group all the Files you have downloaded together inside the New Folder.
3. After every files is downloaded and grouped in the New Folder, Run those KRO Lite Client to update the KRO files.
4. Make sure it is updated to the Latest Revision to avoid any possible Gameplay Problems.